The Overview

Mt. Lassen A/G Campground

37635 Hwy 36 E

Mineral, CA 96063

Camp Ages: Jr High - High School Seniors

Monday, June 7th:

- Meet at Harvest at 10:00 AM for check-in & prayer.

Before departing each student & parent need to sign a Health Questionnaire stating they have not had any symptoms in the last 24 hours.(Fever or vomiting within the last 24 hours, etc).

- Depart to camp at 11:00 AM

We will be picked up at Harvest & transported to camp by a Charter Bus/Bus Driver. The Company is LuxBus America.

- Camp Arrival at 2:00 pm

- Camp Check-in at 3:00 pm

Monday, June 10th: 

- Depart from camp at 10:00 AM

- Arrive at Harvest at 1:00 PM


Permissions Slips must be signed and turned in for everyone coming to camp. Release Forms are available by clicking the button below.

What & What Not to Bring

What to bring: 

Warm clothes for nighttime!
Sleeping Bag or Sheets & Blanket 

Personal Pillows
Clothes to get messy in
Close-toed shoes 
Spending money (Optional for camp store/Camp gear) 
A smile and good attitude 

Do NOT bring: 
Any medication (Must be pre-approved by your youth pastor) Weapons, firearms, or explosives of any kind 

Cell Phone Policy: 
Students will be able to bring their cell phones in case of an emergency. We are mandating that cell phones will be left in cabins and will not be used for personal use. 

If you have any questions regarding summer camp please contact the AGNCN district office: 
(916) 379-9600 X 1120




As a friendly tip - we also recommend you bring the following in addition to the list provided.


- Extra Towels & door rack to hang dry. (Door rack is just an idea - some girls expressed limited space to hang towels in cabins not allowing them to dry properly.)


- Shower shoes (cheap flip-flops if you don't want your feet touching the ground of the public shower stalls.)


- Seriously Warm Clothes... - Since we are higher in elevation the nights can get cooler at times.


- Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes


- Plain white T-shirt for the Color Fest

- And clothes for the Mud Fight & garbage bags to put muddy/dirty clothes in...


If we think of any other helpful tips we'll let you know :)